Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dare to Go Public! - How broadcasting your flaws can help you commit to change

Within the last four months I have been focusing on obtaining healthier habits regarding my physical body through self evaluation, motivation, learning and goal setting. I'm happy and proud to say I am now vegetarian (3 months) and a non-smoker (2.5 months). Physically, mentally and emotionally I'm feeling great with these changes!

To make these changes a reality, I pushed myself to try out a suggestion I had read about... make your challenge public. At first, even the thought of this scared the hell out of me! The voice inside my head immediately whispered, "But what if you fail?" In the past, I've been the type of person who would say nothing to anyone until I had been able to achieve what I wanted. As scary as it was, I found the strength to make myself do it anyway. I let everyone around me know that I was quitting smoking and then took it a step further. I posted a notice on my facebook and twitter letting everyone know that if they ever caught me smoking, I would pay them $20 on the spot. I got some laughs and some replies from friends who were low on cash letting me know they'd be watching! While the main commitment I made to quit was to myself, this tool really helped during my tough times, especially because I was so accustomed to smoking in social settings.

Now it is time to face my next health challenge and I've decided to make it public once again. (It's still scary, but that's half the point.) I'll be sharing updates, tips on staying focused and motivated, and the tools I use along the way. I hope those of you who desire a similar change will consider joining forces with me!

So, here it is:

I absolutely love the gophers in the above photo. They're adorable. However, while their shape (round) is right for them, I know it's not healthy nor what I desire for myself. :0)

The General Goal:
To become a physically strong and fit individual with well established eating and exercising habits.
- This is not about going on a diet. This challenge is about changing my attitude, perceptions and daily habits towards food and exercise for life. -

The Strategy Outline:
1) Self Evaluation of Current State
2) Specific Goal Setting
3) Reasons for Desired Change
4) The Detailed Game Plan

Seriously consider joining me if you've been thinking about a happier, healthier body! I'll be setting up different ways for us to participate and benefit together! There's power in numbers!

Tomorrow I'll break down the strategy in it's full form. I love the beginning of new projects!

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