Monday, December 7, 2009

INGHC - Step 2: Visualize, Set, Go!

(INGHC - I'm Not a Gopher Health Challenge)

Step 2 of the strategy is Specific Goal Setting. With goal setting it is important to keep the following in mind:
- Determine the appropriate length of time to attain your goal. Goals without a time frame easily get lost into the land of procrastination or Never-Never land.
- Make goals as specific as possible. Being able to measure where you're at along the way will help keep you on track and focused.
- With that said, it's also important not to get too absorbed in those measurements obsessively and check them too often. Goals are about fine tuning your life, not about taking over your life.

Here are my set goals:

Time frame - 6 months (First day 12/5/09 - Last day 6/5/10)

At the moment, my BMI is at the low end of the obesity range. My goal is to get it to the top end of the healthy range. To do so, I need to loose 30 lbs and an over all of 15 inches.
Target: 150lbs. and 200 inches measured (starting points listed in previous step)

Using the 1 to 10 scale from the previous step, my goal is to shift my responses to:
Energy level - 8
Great mood - 9
Amount of daily exercise - 7
My goals regarding activity related habits are:
- Do a full 1 hour workout (cardio and strength) a minimum of 3 times per week
- Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes daily, without fail. (Not to be counted as part of the above workout.)

I am happy remaining vegetarian for now, so the main changes in this area will be with general time management habits.
- Plan 1 week ahead for most meals
- Eat nothing within 3 hours before bedtime
- Have meals at approximately the same time daily
- Maintain satiety levels at 3/4 full throughout the day

I make healthy choices already with the foods I eat for the most part, so I don't feel a need to cover that area. However, continuous nutritional education is always a good idea. Having said that, here are some nutritional pointers I try to keep in mind:
- Avoid corn syrup like the plague
- Never eat or drink any thing labeled "diet"
- Don't add additional salt or sugar to any prepared food or drinks
- Only consume foods whose ingredients are items you'd find in a normal kitchen not a science lab (If I can't pronounce it, I won't eat it!)

Progress Check-ins: Once a month (Next check-in January 5, 2010)

That's it! Next up in our strategy is Reasons for Desired Change (the why, oh, why!)

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