Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Photographer Takes A Photo of a Sketcher Doing a Sketch of an Art Event

When I look back at photos I have taken in the past, what amuses me most is the sense of witnessing my own curiosity frozen in frames. Yesterday, I was going through some photo files on my computer and came across these. No doubt, that what Tom was up to definitely caught my eye. The photo of him sketching which was taken through branches proves that point, no doubt! Blender Bungle (May 6, 2009), which was where these photos where taken, was the first time I saw Thomas Thorspecken sketching an event. He had been sketching events for quite some time before then, but somehow we hadn't crossed paths. Since then, it seems I see him everywhere! He posts stories along with his sketches daily on his blog, entitled Analog Artist Digital World. It's one of my favorite blogs to check out, not only for the captivating artwork, but also to keep up to date on the goings on of our area, to obtain a grounded, observational perspective of what goes on, and an insight into a fellow artist's curiosities frozen in ink and paint.

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